The electronic rotary indexer ModiFlow PRO is applicable when measuring a variety of liquids. Depending on the version it can be used in petroleum, chemical, food industry etc. Thanks to the aluminum housing of the device and the high quality of each components in the electronics has been reached a long life of the flowmeter.
MODI FLOW PRO has two features that make it unique:
The GAITER ModiFlow PRO oval flow meters are designed to accurately measure fluids such as oil, diesel, fuel oil, chemical reagents, fluids with increased corrosivity and high viscosity. Our products are irreplaceable in the dosing and dosing systems of all types of liquids.


The accuracy with which ModiFlow PRO measures is independent of changes in viscosity and temperature. Thanks to this, the repeatability of the measurement is even 0.03%. The oval-circular flowmeters are characterized by a low pressure loss and can be mounted in any position.


Thanks to the use of various materials for the production of GAITER devices like aluminum, stainless steel and PPS could have been achieved highest quality and longevity of the ModiFlow series. Very strict production processes guarantee the reliability of our devices.



  • An oval impeller flowmeter measures fluids with high or changing viscosity.
  • The aluminum housing withstands high pressure.
  • The flow meter is equipped with a large LCD liquid crystal display located on top of the meter.
  • The wheels are made of stainless steel (suitable for a variety of fuels, oils and chemicals).
  • The flow meter works on the principle of oval rotors. Two oval impellers rotate on a stainless steel shaft and fill the measuring chamber.
  • The device can be mounted horizontally or vertically and used in pressure or gravity systems. Each revolution of the rotors measures the exact volume of fluid flowing through the meter.
  • The volume does not depend on the viscosity or density of the liquid.
  • The flow meter allows you to read the last 5 dispenses / operations.
  • The flow meter has the backlight of the display
  • Battery powered (2 AA batteries).


Size (Inlet/Outlet) 25 mm
Min. flow rate 10 l/min
Max. flow rate 120 l/min
Accuracy +/- 0,5%
Recurrence < 0,03%
Viscosity 1 000 cP
Working pressure 0,3 MPa