The ModiCompact flow meter is equipped with an LCD liquid crystal display mounted on top of the flow meter. By using the swinging rotor, it enables accurate measurements and ensures simple and convenient operation. It can be widely used in the petroleum, chemical, urea, pharmaceutical, transport, food and other industrial and business sectors.


The accuracy with which the ModiFlow Compact performs measurements is not dependent on changes in viscosity and temperature, thanks to which the measurement repeatability is up to 0.05%.
This flow meter is characterized by a low pressure loss, additionally it can be installed in any position.


Thanks to the use of various materials for the production of GAITER devices like aluminum, stainless steel and PPS could have been achieved highest quality and longevity of the ModiFlow series. Very strict production processes guarantee the reliability of our devices.



  • Simple calibration of the flow meter.
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant body for the most demanding applications.
  • Battery powered (2 AA batteries).
  • Quick battery change, no additional tools required.
  • The flow meter is equipped with a liquid crystal LCD display mounted on the top of the meter.
  • Easy installation, the flow meter can be installed in line or at the end of the discharge pipe.
  • The device can be installed horizontally or vertically and used in pressure installations or in gravity installations.


Inlet & out let 1''
Accuracy 0,5-1%
Repeatability 0,5%
Max. work pressure +/- 10 bar
Flowrate 10-120 l / min
Standby time 2 years