Unique innovative product

We offer you a unique product that will make your company generate much higher profits. ModiControl is a tool that makes monitoring and stock management much easier!
ModiControl is a modern tool that allows you to manage the state of liquid in your company quickly, efficiently and effectively.

A precise, innovative mechanism measures the quantity of liquid products and allows to determine their quality, utilisation rate and temperature. It provides additional tools for convenient managing of stocks and assigning tasks to your employees. ModiControl is used in many industries and is suitable for companies that store diesel, AdBlue, fertilizers, fuels and other liquids.


Proper management of resources is the key to success in business. You need to know how much stock you have in order to be able to manage it effectively. ModiControl will show you with the greatest precision how much product is left and the software will also inform you about your stock level at any time.


You can use ModiControl from any place worldwide. It is enough that you turn on the application to be able to manage your stocks. With this option you will not only control the quantity of products but you can also manage them, assign tasks to your employees or plan further deliveries.


We know that you operate in an industry in which control and high quality are inherent to the nature of your work. So, we can assure you that with ModiControl your tasks will be much easier to perform and more effective. We offer you a 24-month guarantee for our product - we are at your disposal whenever you need us.


ModiControl is a tool that can be perfectly adapted to your company. You can use the services of our experienced team of employees who will appear in your company each time you want to make changes or need help with device personalisation.



  • Measurement in litres
  • Display of the liquid state in per cent
  • The use of a pressure probe, which allows for high precision of the measurements
  • Interstitial leak detection system
  • Liquid temperature sensor
  • Preview of current and archived data
  • Access to information on mobile devices thanks to GSM data transmission
  • Presentation of messages on the display at the tank
  • Metering of all types of tanks, regardless of their shape and capacity
  • Free settings for low- and high-level alarms
  • Alerts in the form of e-mail and SMS messages
  • Alarms of theft and unauthorised deliveries
  • Leakage warnings
  • Acoustic and visual alarm in the device
  • Protection of pumps against air lock
  • No possibility to launch the pump when the liquid state is low
  • Automatic and remote pump control
  • Setting the pump operating time
  • Automatic and remote control of solenoid valves


We are confident that ModiControl will facilitate management of materials in your company. If you are interested in our product, please contact us!